Architecture Services

Full Service Home & Architectural Design Services in Minneapolis

When you make the decision to invest in a home remodel, Ispiri is the design/build firm with the experience, expertise, and an award-winning team comprised of home designers and drafters, interior designers, landscape designers for the best architectural design services in Minneapolis.

A design/build firm offering residential architectural design services manages all the roles of architect, designer, general contractor, and subcontractor. You then have only one point of contact, rather than four. Additionally, design/build firms will keep your budget in mind and control the costs of your project directly, so you are less likely to spend time and money having drawings produced for things that are outside your budget.

Ispiri’s in-house design/build approach creates synergy and collaboration throughout the home renovation process. It allows Ispiri to offer optimal design solutions unique to the homeowner’s lifestyle and assure details aren’t missed along the way. This helps lower the risk of mistakes and loss of detail, providing homeowners peace of mind and keeping costs low.


Ispiri’s interior and architectural designers guide clients on the newest products and trends in finish selections in our one-stop design center. Our goal is to give you the WOW factor on your finished product while keeping your style in mind.

To get the most out of working with a design team, you should discuss a series of categories that will help you determine the depth and breadth of your remodeling project. This list includes budget, design, location, and lifestyle, and each of these four topics will have a significant impact on the finished product. As you carefully go through each step, the project will take shape and help you define the vision you have for the final result.

arch-page-roomshotIt is important to communicate your needs and preferences thoroughly in the beginning. This pre-planning and open communication will help our architectural team create design solutions for your home remodeling project that are not only suitable, but stunning.

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  • Our design team is your advocate — they’re willing to orchestrate the entire design/construction process on behalf of you, the owner.
  • A team of designers understand the building and remodeling industry and its trends; they apply best practices via sustainable/efficient designs and strategies to produce something today that will continue to function in the future.
  • Using creative brainstorming, problem-solving, and strategic thinking methods, each design team member work towards the direction to make your dreams a reality.
  • They work in accordance with budget restraints, providing necessary and detailed documentation along the way.
  • They coordinate and manage the process, documenting progress and communicating from initial design planning through project completion.
  • Their design services will leverage the functional and operational efficiency of your home/space.