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Ispiri’s Design-Build Team Includes An Architect

When you make the decision to invest in a home remodel, you should seriously consider hiring a design/build firm such as Ispiri that has years of experience in home building and remodeling and an award-winning team including John Enloe, our Chief Architect. By doing this, you will you eliminate the need to add the extra step of finding a residential architect in Minneapolis, as well as managing that separate relationship.


Chief Architect
John Enloe

When you use a design/build firm with residential architecture services Minneapolis, the company manages all of the services of architect, designer, general contractor and sub-contractors. You then have only one point of contact, rather than four. Additionally, design/build firms will keep your budget in mind, and since they control the costs of your project directly, you are less likely to spend time and money having drawings produced for things you can’t afford to build.

A licensed architect will bring a variety of design-related skill sets for a polished and professional remodel. Good architectural design is imperative to get an aesthetically pleasing and lasting solution to a problem. An architect can see potential issues and challenges with the design a homeowner comes up with and can circumvent problems by setting the remodel up appropriately from the start.


There are many misconceptions about what it is that architects actually do, and a licensed architect will help to remove the mystery or misconceptions of working with one. For larger or more complex projects, an architect can act as an agent representing the homeowners, assuring that they get the product quality and design execution they expect.

Ispiri recommends teamwork among the architect, contractor and client from the moment project planning begins. This smooths the relationship between all parties, and it supports a climate in which concerns are aired, problems are solved and the expertise of both the architect and the builder are tapped.

To get the most out of working with a licensed architect, you should discuss a series of categories that will help you determine the depth and breadth of your remodeling project. This list includes money, design, location, and lifestyle, and each of these four topics will have a significant impact on the finished product. As you thoroughly go through each step, the project will really begin to take shape and help you discern the vision you have for the final result.

arch-page-roomshotIt will be very important to communicate your needs and preferences very thoroughly in the beginning, as pre-planning and open communication will help your architect create the most appropriate design solutions for your home remodeling project.

John Enloe is Ispiri’s Chief Architect and he loves the connections he develops with clients as he designs their spaces. With 25 years of architectural firm experience, as well as degrees in Architecture, Environmental Design, and Art, John is well-versed and passionate about residential architecture Minneapolis.

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  • Architects can be your advocate — they’re willing to orchestrate the entire design/construction process on behalf of you, the owner.
  • Architects understand the building and remodeling industry and its trends; they apply best practices via sustainable/efficient designs and strategies to produce something today that will continue to function in the future.
  • Architects understand the importance of maintaining the architectural integrity of classic or period homes.
  • Architects utilize creative brainstorming, problem-solving, and strategic thinking methods to reach the design directions that bring your dreams to reality.
  • They meet the needs of a growing demand for greater collaboration within the team: contractors, designers, engineers and others involved in the project.
  • They work in accordance with budget restraints, providing necessary and detailed documentation along the way; they coordinate and manage the process, documenting progress and communicating from initial design planning through project completion.
  • Their services will leverage the functional and operational efficiency of your home/space