Custom Home Building

St. Paul and Minneapolis Area Custom Homes, Tear Downs and Whole House Renovations

From building a new, custom home to renovating or remodeling an old one, Ispiri is the right choice. We believe your whole home should not only match your personality and lifestyle, but also be designed considering the needs of your entire family. Your custom home should have the luxury and comforts you desire, as well as the functionality to meet your needs both today and in the future.
Deciding to build a custom home or major house addition can be an investment for a lifetime. Call on Ispiri and we’ll apply our inspired design and construction expertise to major home additions, teardown projects and high-end new and custom home construction. Our approach to custom home construction delivers an experience that is second to none, and provides a finished product that fulfills our clients desires for a high-end, custom-built home.

Ispiri provides incomparable quality throughout the design-build process. Our teams are comprised of architects, certified remodelers, design consultants, project managers, interior designers and more. We provide a single point of responsibility, uniting experienced professionals to create and maintain a consummate level of quality and high-end craftsmanship. At Ispiri, we take pride in building new and custom homes that exceed expectations.

Ispiri Has Completed a Custom Home in St. Paul, Minnesota


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Ispiri Completes Grand Custom Home Project in Lake Harriet’s Linden Hills Neighborhood


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The Ispiri Difference

Here are 10 proven steps why the pre-construction process we created is smooth, easy to understand and enables peace-of-mind in execution.

  1. Discovery
    Initial discussion of your needs hierarchy and home features with your Ispiri Team.
  2. Funding
    Explore financing options with our construction financing expert.
  3. Budget Estimate and Design Agreement
    The approval to start the process and commit your Ispiri Team resources to help move your project forward.
  4. Site Visit
    Identify land/lot and site considerations to guide design concept development.
  5. Survey
    Existing site survey conducted.
  6. 3D Design Concepts
    3D modeling software allows you to “see” your home from every angle and perspective.
  7. Contract
    Plan and construction contract is finalized.
  8. Permitting
    Wrecking, demolition, house moving and building permit process starts.
  9. Selections Finalized
    Ispiri Designers work with you in our convenient Showroom.
  10. Project begins!
    Let the wonderment begin.

When you’re ready, or if you’re even considering the possibilities, make sure to call or contact us today to set up a free consultation or to learn more about our inspired architecture services.