Custom Home Addition Contractor

Building a custom addition to your home is among the most important decisions homeowners can make. Perhaps you have a growing family and simply need more space to accommodate children. Thinking of a new master suite? Maybe the kitchen and entertaining space you’ve always wanted?

Identifying the goals and objectives of your home addition project is the key first step. An addition brings more space to your home, an obvious goal, but is there a chance to improve your home’s traffic patterns? Improve storage capacity? Provide better access indoors and out?

Understanding your objectives with a home addition in Minneapolis ensure your goals are reached in a way that is most satisfying. This is where an experienced design-and-build custom contractor such as Ispiri can help.

Adding On With A Custom Design

Identifying the goals and objectives of your addition is the first step. Converting them into an attractive and useful new space for your home is the next step.

Making the functional and practical decisions to convert the vision into reality comprises the next step. This is the point at which many homeowners hire an architect, who brings a ‘bigger picture’ view to your home addition.

Luxury home remodeling Minneapolis architects identify available opportunities from an addition while bringing engineering practicality and an aesthetic eye. They ensure the most efficient use of your budget and provide schematics to your contractor.

This step is where Ispiri separates itself from the competition with its on-staff professional architect and extensive showroom offering the latest designs and products for various rooms in a house.

Custom Home Addition Design And Build
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Once plans are complete, hiring a contractor is the next step. It’s at this point that homeowners can act as their own project manager — seeking bids, weighing the differences and making an educated decision.

However, this is also the step that proves the most stressful for homeowners who may be uncertain of their construction knowledge for decisions such as materials or methods.

That is why, for a project as large and important as a home addition, a design-and-build contractor with an architect can be the wisest choice. With the builder and architect working on the same team, homeowners can be assured consultative decisions are being made in their best interests.

Interior, Landscape Design Of Your Addition

This allows homeowners professionals who can help them make decisions on all aspects of the outward appearance of a new home addition. This includes materials, colors and fixtures for the interior and plants, flowers and landscaping of the exterior.Ispiri takes a holistic design-and-build view which goes beyond planning and constructing a home addition by also offering on-staff professional interior decorating and landscaping design services.

Ispiri is committed to every home addition project it takes on, offering a full team from an architect to a landscape designer to get you the addition of a lifetime. For more information call 651-578-0122, e-mail or reach us online.