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Landscaping Design Services

Have you been dreaming of a fire pit in your backyard for lazy summer nights? Perhaps you’d like to add a swimming pool or outdoor deck for your family to enjoy. Or maybe your new house will allow for the expansive garden you’ve always wanted. Whatever it is, Ispiri’s landscape design services will take your ideas and make them a reality.

Ispiri has extensive experience with landscaping projects spanning from backyard renovations to fireplace installations. We have a keen eye for aesthetics while also balancing the functionality and practicality of various landscape architecture designs. Our Minneapolis team works with you every step of the way to ensure we are utilizing your ideas and making efficient use of your budget.

Our Capabilities

We have worked on exciting landscaping projects with our homeowners over the years. Each project is a creative opportunity — a chance to reinterpret your outdoor space and discover its full potential. Here are some of our favorite projects:

Front Yard Design Project: To accentuate the grand style of this home, we kept the front landscaping simple and clean. We repainted the entire house and restained the front porch and ceiling in addition to adding urns and window boxes to accommodate annual plantings.

Retaining Wall Addition: We opened up the backyard by adding an attractive retaining wall to accommodate the installation of a full-sized pool. We included steps and landscape lighting leading down the hillside in our design so guests could easily access the pool area.

Outdoor Kitchen Project: Our homeowner wanted an outdoor dining area that they could enjoy all year round. To make this possible, we installed a natural stone outdoor kitchen with a cooking island and beverage bar island as well as granite countertops and luxury appliances.

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What Makes Ispiri The Right Choice For You

Differentiating Ispiri further is our on-staff architect and interior designers. They are available to work as part of your Ispiri kitchen remodeling Minneapolis team. This keeps you from having to be the intermediary and coordinator of the project, allowing Ispiri to seamlessly manage the entire project by providing you a single contact.

For more information on our landscaping company and our capabilities, call 651-578-0122 or reach out to us online.

Make A Wish Story

Woodbury resident Drew Macke was granted a wish, and he chose something he could share forever with his family and friends.

Drew Macke has grown up in hospitals. He was born with a number of complex, ongoing medical issues — collectively known as VATER association — that affect everything from his spine to his stomach to his feet. He had undergone over 60 medical procedures and surgeries by the time of his wish. When he’s away, Drew misses his mom, dad, siblings, cat and dog, friends, school, sports as well as his own bed and normal home life.

In May of 2014, the Macke’s phone rang. It was the Make-A-Wish organization informing the family that Drew’s wish had been approved.  Most children wish to go somewhere (such as Disney World), to be something (a police officer for a day), to meet a celebrity, or to be gifted something (a computer or shopping spree).

Drew’s wish was a backyard hangout space. “He wanted a space that everybody, his family and friends could enjoy,” his mom, Holly, said, “because when he gets the opportunities to be home, he wants to be with everyone and enjoy time with those close to him. “

Holly spoke of the initial call from Make-A-Wish, “The lady was like, ‘We already have someone who wants to head this? This isn’t how it works!’”

“As a landscape designer, you typically meet with the homeowner and talk about the project, the scope and the site challenges,” Ami Johannson stated. “But this time, my client was a teenage boy with a focused vision on an outdoor fireplace to roast marshmallows and enjoy summer nights, while keeping their sledding hill for the winters.”

Make-A-Wish has a minimal budget to cover material costs, requiring product and labor hour volunteers from vendors. To complete Drew’s backyard wish, Ami designed an outdoor living space complete with a fireplace, patio, pergola and surrounding landscape.

After seeing and being able to enjoy the space with family and friends, Drew commented, “I like this better … unlike a cruise, I thought I could have this forever — and something my family and friends can use all the time, too.”