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Building an addition to your master bedroom and bathroom offers an opportunity to reshape how you experience the most personal space in your home. Whether you want to expand an area for lounging and sitting, enhance closet space or add features in your bathroom, Ispiri can help you make it happen with our expert master suite remodeling contractors in the Twin Cities.

Where to Start on Your Master Suite & Bath Project

It’s important to ensure your master suite renovation in the Twin Cities is designed and built to match your expectations, desires and budget. Remember that adding functionality and space to your bedroom and master bathroom isn’t the only goal of your remodel. The new space should look and feel as if it was part of your original home. Look for design elements in homes similar to your own to find inspiration for your upgraded master suite and bath. If you ever need help thinking of design ideas, our experts are here to help.

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Finding the Right Master Suite Contractor for Your Renovation

Designing and building your new master suite addition to look and feel as if it was an original part of your home requires a professional design, careful planning and attention to detail from your contractor. Viewing online galleries and touring homes provides the insight you need when it comes to a contractor’s design capabilities. At Ispiri, we take pride in the quality of our work, so you can always ask us about a design idea you have for your master suite or bedroom. Chances are, we can help you make it a reality.

Why Ispiri

Ispiri offers master suite remodeling contractors and an in-house architect to create modern, functional spaces that exceed expectations. Achieving your vision for the most personal space in your home requires an experienced and versatile remodeling contractor to execute design plans. Get master suite remodels from a team that puts your vision first.


The focus on quality and customer service from Ispiri was exceptional. This was our first major renovation and they listened and responded promptly to all of our questions and concerns. It was a great experience and the remodel looks awesome!!

Christine and Peter, Stillwater, MN

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