How to Make Your Bathroom A Relaxing Spa: 6 Easy Tips!

Who wouldn’t love a daily trip to a spa? Investing in making your bathroom look like a spa will not only save you the money spent on a spa trip, but also allow you to feel at peace and pampered every day! Your own bathroom offers the same space to relax and take a load off as any professional spa would, all you need is a few adjustments. If you’re wondering how to make your bathroom look like a spa, here are six easy decorating ideas to turn your bathroom into your own oasis.

Use a light color scheme

Setting the atmosphere for your spa starts with the colors you choose. Earth tones are always a good choice — blues, greens, or sandy colors are more relaxing than harsher tones. Avoid patterns like checkers or stripes as these tend to present a more active atmosphere, and you want to keep your bathroom a sanctuary of peace!

Get a nice bathtub or shower head to pamper yourself

A bathtub or a shower is your personal preference, but any time you spend cleansing should be luxurious! Consider updating your current bathtub to a larger, customized tub that will fit your style and needs. Whether you are looking for a deeper bathtub that’s not as wide or a large, luxurious tub with jets, there are plenty of options for warm, soothing soaks.

If tubs are not your thing, or you’re looking for a simple update, swap out your shower head. A rain shower head, like the name implies, acts like the natural fall of rain. There are also a variety of modern shower heads equipped with technology to create the ideal shower experience!

Towel warmers

Towel warmers have become a much more affordable luxury for bathrooms. They keep your towels warm and dry so you can feel comfortable and cozy after a shower or a bath, and can even be used to dry delicate fabrics!

Faux wood tile

Cool earth tones are a great way to make your bathroom feel calm, and adding wood will create a connection to nature and peace. Faux wood versus real wood is a good solution for those that live in areas with extreme humidity since it has a higher resistance to water. You’ll also have a wider variety of color and texture choices to fit in with your design preferences!

Minimize toiletries

Keeping decor and clutter to a minimum is a necessity in keeping stress levels down. Spas usually keep their toiletries hidden, so keeping them in your closet or under the sink is a good solution.

If you so desire, you can store daily items in small glass jars to add to your decor.

Add your own personal luxury items

Don’t forget your own personal items to help you create the most desirable atmosphere for your personal spa. Whether that includes indoor botanical plants, tealights, candles, rose petals, or essential oils, choose the items that will keep your environment as soothing and peaceful as possible!

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