Lake Elmo Outdoor Landscape Ideas

Family-Friendly Fun All Summer Long

There’s nothing quite like taking the beautiful, rural farmland of Lake Elmo and combining it with a modern aesthetic home design. When the owners of this newly built home first moved in, they looked out on the fields and were content. Over time, however, they realized they were missing something: more outdoor space for family to gather, a pool for the kids to splash in, and shade for afternoon lounging. That’s where Ispiri came in.

The centerpiece of this remodel was the pool. The large rectangular shape, sharp lines, and complete visibility from all areas of the upper and lower lounge made it both visually and functionally successful. Beyond the pool and up the stairs to the deck and upper lounge, a grill and umbrella-covered dining table provides space to lounge and entertain. Below the deck is the lower lounge with cheerful, modern orange chairs for seven or more individuals to lounge in.

All the spaces are meant to work both separately and together. Both upper and lower, they offer a variety of places to sit, visit, look after swimming children, cook, collaborate, and share depending on the homeowner’s particular want or need. It functions as an adaptable space that still meets contemporary design guidelines.

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All projects have their unique challenges. For this one, there were two: privacy and deck space. The height that was needed to support the deck had to be set off of the second floor while still allowing enough space underneath for a lounge area. Because of the pool’s close proximity, this started as a challenge but ultimately ended as a unique space that incorporated the right spacing and measurement for each necessary piece.

Additionally, there were challenges with adding a hot tub to the backyard and making sure it was comfortable and private. To block driveway and neighbor sight lines down to the area, the Inspiri team added an evergreen hedge and gate to that proffered the needed protection.

As the finishing touch: a one-of-a-kind fence panel made from Corten steel with a water jetted cut-away design inspired by a piece of art painted by a member of the client’s family.

Every time they enter the backyard gate, they’re reminded of their loved ones’ artwork as they enter a space of fun, calm serenity.

Backyard Features

  • Large open-air pool with plenty of surrounding lounge space
  • Upper deck featuring grill and table for hosting and entertaining
  • Lower deck featuring stylish lounge chairs and a space free from the sun
  • Custom water-jetted steel fence panel inspired by the client’s family
  • Direct views of the pool from all lounge areas for optimal kid-watching safety

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