Modern Linden Hills Rebuild Featuring Fireplace Statement Wall

A Fresh Start With A Fresh Minneapolis Home

A professional family from out of state was looking to put their roots down in southwest Minneapolis. The only problem was that they couldn’t find a ready built home that gave them everything they were looking for. Instead of settling for a house they didn’t love, the family purchased an older split-entry home with a plan to tear it down and have something brand new built in its place.

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Ispiri was hired to handle the entire construction process. We began with the initial tear down before excavating a sturdy new foundation for the refreshed home to be built upon. The house was designed by a local architect that kept the family’s desire for a beautiful, contemporary space top of mind.

Once the exterior was erected, it was time for Ispiri’s experts to focus on fine-tuning the interior design. The home that was torn down had incredibly outdated features, none of which the family wanted to bring to the design of their new home. Instead, we focused on modern amenities, open sight lines, and clean natural tones throughout. Rich, deep toned wood flooring throughout the home contrasted with bright white walls to create a space that feels both cozy and energizing.

Fireplace Statement Wall

  • Low-profile modern metallic inset
  • White ceiling-to-floor stonework
  • Centrally located
  • Surrounded by dark open shelving to offer elevated style through contrast

Rebuild Features

  • Bold, contemporary fireplace statement wall
  • Plenty of windows to provide excellent natural light
  • Contrasting natural elements to provide brightness and warmth
  • New, modern staircase with unique metal handrail
  • Brand new foundation, supports, amenities, and appliances

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