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Downsizing in Minneapolis with a Condo Remodel

While many of our clients hope to expand their current home to accommodate a growing family or lifestyle, some come to us wanting to downsize their space. For one family, we remodeled their North Loop, Minneapolis condo to address their more minimalistic desires.

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Optimizing Storage

Including optimal storage when downsizing was imperative in assuring there was space for the family’s belongings off counters and out of the way. Dropzone storage and improved custom closet solutions specific to the client’s lifestyle were added during the remodel to meet the needs within their Minneapolis condo.

Lightening the Space

The cabinetry was painted white and gray, and lighter-toned hardwood flooring and countertops were installed to complement the abundance of natural light. Bringing more light into the interior helped to improve the feeling of openness and space.


“Everyone associated with Ispiri Remodeling met my expectations. The main floor looks as if it is brand new and I have received many compliments on the work done. I wanted a house that made you feel welcome and relaxed and it does.”

-Anita E.

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