Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Minneapolis

Remodeling a Condo in Minneapolis

When considering their condo, a Minneapolis client had a dream to take the builder basics and create a contemporary high end home that would have a completely different feel and use than they were previously experiencing. Because the main floor foyer and kitchen were small, it became difficult for more than one person to maneuver within the space, making day-to-day tasks cumbersome. In working with the client, Ispiri recommended their Minneapolis condo undergo a kitchen and bath remodel if it were to work to their standards.

Working with the Minneapolis-based client to understand what their dreams for the space were and the best options for the condo, we went forward with major structural changes to accommodate their kitchen and bath remodeling project.

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The first step was to remove the three-sided fireplace in the foyer that was taking up space, and replace it with an electric fireplace in the staircase wall. This easy change opened the foyer and made it less constrictive.

We then moved the wall connected between the kitchen and powder bathroom, giving us a couple feet to redesign the U-shaped kitchen. With the extra room, we were able to include a fantastic island that provided more space for food preparation, and reconfigured the kitchen to include more counter space and storage.

With the newly remodeled configuration of the kitchen, bath and foyer, we added updated accents to modernize the Minneapolis condo. A full-height Cambria backsplash was added to the kitchen and a tile accent wall was used from floor to ceiling in the powder bathroom. The owner agreed to invest in beautiful light fixtures throughout to add uniqueness to each room. Not only is the condo easier to live and work throughout, but it showcases the way in which form and function combine to create a truly beautiful home.

Kitchen and Bath Remodel Wishlist

  • Wanted better functionality in the foyer and kitchen that allowed use for more than one person
  • Desired a contemporary aesthetic

The Redesign

  • Replaced the 3-sided fireplace in the foyer will an in-wall electric fireplace
  • Moved the powder bathroom wall a few feet to allow space for redesign in the kitchen
  • Added a kitchen island and more counter and storage space
  • Updated the detailing, including light fixtures

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